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We all know that Jet makes a wide range of power tools for all kinds of jobs ranging from lifting systems to tools are good mid-priced tools that are as reliable as they are cost effective. They may not be deemed market leaders compared to high-end brands, but their tools have relatively few issues compared to most other brands.

Jet Tools - 2-Micron Canister Filter Kit for DC-1100,1100VX,1200,1200VX
  • Features
  • The future built on great brands
  • JPW is committed to providing unmatched service at every step of every business relationship
  • U. S. based technical service for all of our brands
  • Stock more than 40, 000 replacement parts
  • Built to serve the needs of our customers
JET JWL-1221VS 12"x21" Variable-Speed Wood Lathe (719200)
  • Features
  • VERSATILITY: 24 integrated indexing positions.
  • CONVENIENCE: Easy-to-reach controls and DRO.
  • OPTIMAL SPEED: Choose from 60 to 3,600 RPM.
  • INNOVATION: Ratchet-style belt tension system (patent pending).
  • ON-BOARD STORAGE: Two handy tool caddies.
JET J-4002 1"x42" Belt and Disc Sander (577003)
  • Features
  • VERSATILE: Hinged idler wheel cover and removable platen allows for sanding of outside curves or odd-shaped work pieces on the belt.
  • STURDY: Main body consists of cast iron construction, while the base is constructed from heavy-duty steel.
  • MITER GAUGE: Turns and locks for common angles, 45° both left and right.
  • DUST COLLECTION: Two 1-1/4″ ports can be hooked up to a dust collection system.
  • EFFICIENT: Abrasive belt unit removes material and finishes at the same time, allowing the operator to get into small openings.
JET J-2530 15" Bench Model Drill Press, 115V 1Ph (354401)
  • Features
  • VERSATILITY: 16-speed motor turns spindle 200 to 3,630 RPM.
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Large ground steel column.
  • ACCURACY: 1-7/8″ diameter quill travels 3-1/8″ for deep hole applications.
  • SAFETY: Telescoping spindle guard.
  • PRECISION: The enclosed spindle assembly is supported by four permanently-lubricated ball bearings.
JET AFS-1000B Air Filtration System with Remote Control (708620B)
  • Features
  • EFFICIENCY: Outer filter captures 98% of 5-micron particles, while inner filter captures 85% of 1-micron particles.
  • CONVENIENCE: Remote control has built-in timer with 2/4/8-hour settings. System automatically shuts off.
  • VERSATILITY: Hang from shop ceiling or place on workbench (rubber feet prevent marring).
  • REUSABLE: Inner pocket filter is removable for easy cleaning.
  • PORTABILITY: Easy grip handles allow easy mobility of unit.
JET JBG-8B 8" Bench Grinder (577102)
  • Features
  • CSA LISTED: Follows strict guidelines and electrical requirements to meet CSA safety standards.
  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY: Has cast iron wheel guards and dust vents.
  • ENCLOSED BALL BEARINGS: Has totally enclosed pre-lubricated ball bearings.
  • NO SHIFTING: Rubber mounts prevent movement.
  • GRINDING WHEELS INCLUDED: Fine and coarse vitrified grinding wheels included.
JET JWP-13BT 13" Helical Style Benchtop Planer (722130)
  • Features
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: 2HP 15 amp motor turns the cutter head at 10,000 RPM
  • REDUCES SNIPE: Precision machined cast iron bed and steel cover assists in keeping boards flat
  • SMOOTH CUTS: Helical style cutter head with 6 rows of 24 individual quick change inserts, provides a clean and smooth cut with easy to change blades
  • MAXIMIZE CUT EFFICIENCY: Dual infeed speed control for 18Fpm or 26Fpm, maximizes cut efficiency on different wood material types
  • FOUR POST DESIGN: For maximum control and support of cutter head in reference to work piece and cast table
Jet Tools - SBR-30M, 30" 3 IN 1 Shear, Brake and Roll (756031)
  • Features
  • Combination shear, brake and roll
  • Combination shear, brake and roll in one compact machine
  • Right or left hand operation
  • Shear can be used for mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, plastic and zinc
  • Brake is equipped with easily removable fingers that permit angle, channel, box and other complex bending operations
JET HVBS-712D 7"x12" Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw (414560)
  • Features
  • HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL POSTIONS: Large 9″ x 12″ infeed table assembly extends the support area.
  • REPEATABILITY: Micro-adjustable tool-less material stop for accurate set-up.
  • DURABILITY: Blade wheels are made from flanged cast iron.
  • LONGER BLADE LIFE: Base contains a coolant system that helps to increase cutting efficiency and blade life.
  • CSA/CUS CERTIFIED: This saw follows strict guidelines and electrical requirements.
JET JWP-15BHH 15" Helical Cutterhead Planer (722155)
  • Features
  • CONTROL AND SUPPORT: Heavy-duty precision-ground cast iron table and four-post design.
  • SUPERIOR FINISH: Helical cutterhead houses 48 staggered carbide knives engineered to align themselves without any adjustment.
  • EFFICIENCY: Dual infeed speed control for 16 or 20 FPM, maximizes cut efficiency.
  • CLEANLINESS: 4″ dust port hooks up to a dust management system, and helps keep your shop clean.
  • SAFETY: Magnetic switch with green safety light illuminates when powered.

Best JET Tools Reviews

Buyer's Guide, Comparison and Advices

Is Jet A Good Brand?

As a general rule of thumb, for their price range, Jet is a good brand when you consider the woodworking tools they have on offer.

They are well made, have some nice features built in, and perform solidly even when used quite frequently.

They are better quality than Grizzly brand machines, but Jet equipment isn’t yet classed as a high-end workshop tool range.

Top 4 Jet Power Tools (Jet Woodworking Tools Reviews)

1 – Jet Wood Lathe

First on the list is Jets JWL-1221VS 12-Inch by 21-Inch Variable Speed Wood Lathe.

The price of this lathe is a steal, and is especially user friendly for wood turning beginners.

And despite it turning at speeds of up to 3600 RPM (Rotations Per Minute), it doesn’t vibrate. This is a particularly important feature as any excessive vibration can make it hard to keep control as you turn and carve into the wood.

This reasonably priced power tool will set you back around $800-$900, but lets take a look at what you get for that cost:

  • It has a variable speed controller that ranges from 60 RPM to 3600 RPM.
  • It has a JET patent pending adjustable ratchet style belt tension system.
  • It has a spring loaded indexing head that can hold anything into place in up to 24 different positions.
  • It can handle hours on end of lengthy turning sessions.

2 – Jet Sander

Next on our top 4 list is the Jet Tools – J-4002 1 x 42 Bench Belt and Disc Sander.

I like this sander not just for its price, but also due to the fact that it is very well put together.

It is a little bit noisier than other brands (not ideal if you want to setup a woodworking shop in an apartment), but that does not take away from the fact that this sturdy unit can take on most any woodwork sanding job. However, it is worth noting that it is not recommended that you use this tool to do any wet-sanding.

Now, lets have a quick look at some of the features of this tool:

  • It is surprisingly affordable and costs around $400.
  • It is easy to change the belts, and it takes no time at all to swap them out.
  • It weighs just 63 pounds, which makes it easy to shift around the workshop.

3 – Jet Band Saw Kit

The third Jet tool on this list is the JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit.

Namely, their Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit. This hefty 247 pound cast iron framed saw is a great option for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike.

This band saw isn’t cheap, however, costing around $1000 to $1400, and you could probably find a low-end brand band saw for half the price.

Still, those cheaper band saws probably won’t give you the cutting versatility that this one does, (thanks to its built-in retractable guard).

Now, lets go over a few of this band saws key features:

  • It has a handy dust port – situated in the lower housing area.
  • It runs at two belt drive speeds, 1500 SFPM and 3000 SFPM (Surface Feet Per Minute)

4 – Jet Head Planer

Last up on our list is Jets JWP-208HH 20-inch Helical Head Planer.

Turn any rough timber into easy-to-work-with smooth planed timber, when you use this piece of equipment.

It can effortlessly plane any amount of wood, although it is worth noting that this is not a 4-sided planer.

This tool will cost you around $3000, but here is what you can expect to get for that price tag:

  • It can take on huge workloads.
  • It can plane to a width of 20 inches.
  • It comes with 4 inch dust port (for saw dust collection).
  • It is quiet for a planer, (but you should still always use ear plugs when using this type of power tool).

Final Thoughts

So, are jet woodworking tools good? Yes, they are, and here are a few reasons why;

  • They are affordable: These tools are the best mid-priced equipment in the industry.
  • They are quality: They are part of JPW Industries (which also manufactures Powermatic tools).
  • They are reliable: The company has been around for over half a century, since 1958. Which means that if you ever need to buy a spare part or two for your older Jet tools, you can still purchase them.
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